UPVC is often used in the building as a low maintenance material. The material comes in a range of colors and finishes, including photo-effect, wood finish and is used as a substitute of painted wood, aluminum and steel. It has many other uses including facia, siding ,weather boarding, roofing membrane and flooring. Effective thermal insulation as compared to Aluminum. Very effective chemical resistance as compared to Aluminum. Secured welded joints, along with EPDM (imported rubber) and imported brushes for blocking dust. Much better in extreme and variable climatic conditions as compared to Aluminum. upvc windows and doors


Characteristics of UPVC Doors & Windows

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Energy efficient doors and windows

Make your Home 100% dust, water and soundproof. (Especially for the houses on main roads)

Reduce your electricity bill up to 50%

UPVC Windows are maintenance, termite and rust free with elegant look

Zero color fadedness, unaffected by external variables such as SUN, heat & Ash

Environmentally Friendly

Thermal Insulation: Three chamber system for thermal insulation

Good in extreme and variable climate conditions

Corner joints are welded together therefore “NO” water leakage from joints

Single, double or triple glazed glass can be fixed in as per design of the profile while using lifelong EPDM rubber gaskits

Full window can be locked with triple espangolette locking system as compared to aluminum where a simple hook is used.

UPVC Products Information

Our product in the form of different designs of profiles is imported from Germany & Turkey.

Our whole setup including the uPVC profile, hardware, machinery used in the fabrication, and fabrication process comply with international quality standards. Our fabrication process is carried out on the most modern and computerized British plants.

If the elegant appearance of our door & window profile has impressed you, perhaps you would like to know more about what distinguishes these progressive section systems. The quality of a frame largely depends upon its internal features of the design.

We can safely assure you that all your doors & windows are customized using this multi-compartment frame with its distinctive features.

Our company always provides the best quality at a reasonable price all over country Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, Gujranwala, Gujarat.

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