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Double glazed doors & windows are sure to leave a lasting impression. Doors & windows connect the outside world with the inside. They also give a special ambiance to your home / office. Choose a style you want to live with & don’t be surprised if it becomes a landmark in your neighborhood. Double glazed windows and door glass units are now being introduced by Midland Glazing first time ever, on fully automatic plants with ten years written warranty. 60% of heat penetrate into your rooms through windows, which can be reduced up to 45% by installing double glazed glass. Not only heat but it also gives sound proofing effect of 80%, therefore it leaves you with minimum sound disturbance from the outside world.

It is proven by different experiments done in the Europe and other developed countries that silicone cannot be used as water resistant chemical. Most of the manufacturers are using silicone, hence producing substandard Double Glazed glass units. We at Midland Glazing want our customers to educate themselves with the product they are using.

If you are spending, make sure you are spending your money for the best product.

Only Midland Glazing provides you authentic Double Glazed glass units made on fully automatic plant using 100% imported raw material. Besides making Double Glazed glass units, we offer you lot of options to make these units more beautiful by using lead and bevel work.

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