Startups find this model really helpful for realizing timely software while their on-site IT teams focus on core business processes. If you want to find a provider like that, BSS Commerce is a promising partner for any business of any size. We provide professional offshore development services with cost-efficient and talent-rich solutions. We also help clients benefit from various engagement models when they can both reduce costs and work with dedicated offshore developers from Vietnam.

offshore development meaning

You can also outsource data storage and maintenance, network security, IT support, or have an outsourcing company build an offshore development center for you. By outsourcing your software development project to a reliable company, you’ll be able to concentrate on your core business strategy without any added stress. With development taken care of, you’ll be able to meet deadlines and accelerate time-to-market. We are an international one-stop-shop that connects companies all over the world with outstanding software developers by assisting them in establishing development teams and R&D offices in Europe.

Understanding Offshore

Still, regular calls allow for constant dialog that helps you communicate the project’s goals and get to know all team members better, fostering productivity. And what makes it different from other forms of outsourcing software development like nearshoring or onshoring? Keep on reading this article to get all the answers and check if offshoring is the right choice for your business. The brief later advanced into establishing a research & development center in Ukraine so as to hire and retain the best game developers.

offshore development meaning

This blog will be insightful for all those who want to know how offshore app development benefits and how it can benefit your business. Each offshore development center model has its own peculiar features, challenges, and approach. Understanding both would help you to choose the one most appropriate for bringing your vision to fruition. The purpose of an ODC is to provide scalable technology resources, allowing you to eliminate redundant expenses. Usually, the client company has direct supervision over offshore development center services by interfacing with the team members responsible for the execution through a project manager.

What is offshore software development?

By partnering with offshore teams for specific tasks, businesses can retain better control over their core competencies. They can focus on what they do best, leaving ancillary or specialized functions to dedicated offshore experts. One of the remarkable advantages of outsourcing is the flexibility it offers in scaling operations. Depending on project requirements, companies can swiftly scale their offshore teams up or down, without the logistical and financial burdens of hiring or conducting layoffs in-house.

  • A job only open for people in your country will make the employer have fewer choices.
  • Offshore investors may also be scrutinized by regulators and tax authorities to make sure taxes are paid.
  • Offshoring relies heavily on the mobility of labor and capital; land has little or no mobility potential.
  • But with offshore developers, it is all in the contract and the partnership will finish when the project ends.
  • Usually, they are supplied by an outstaffing agency, as ProCoders does for its various clients across the globe.

Hiring a software development outsourcing company will deliver your start-up from the responsibility of recruiting, training, and housing staff to develop applications for your business. Your company will have immediate access to a high performing and expert offshore team of professionals and you will be able to focus on your core business functions. In fact, at the outset of the project, we had assembled a super-team from our pool of experienced developers within a week. In record time, a full-stack software solution was created, with a library of coursework, a people-matching system, and a payment system all implemented. Offshoring is a great software development practice, especially when it comes to optimizing costs.

Appoint key workers

The offshore unit takes over the offshored activities, allowing the parent company to focus on its core operations. This can lead to cost savings and may also provide access to specialized skills. In addition, the parent company potentially benefits from local tax policies and incentives. Effective management and addressing challenges like time-zone differences and cultural disparities are crucial for the success of offshoring.

offshore development meaning

Moreover, people from different environments adopt different mindsets and attitudes to work and responsibility. This may result in unpleasant inconveniences and even unexpected conflicts. Additionally, the manager will need to offer developers days off when their country has national festivals or holidays. National official holidays diversify across countries throughout the world.