ECN system is an international decentralized network of suppliers of liquidity and traders. LimeFx applies different practices of charging trading fees. In particular, on Standard, Standard Cent and Pro accounts, a variable spread is used, which depends on the current market situation. On Raw Spread accounts , a combined system of small spread and fixed commission per trade is used.

LimeFx cheating

So, this fact can be considered a positive feature. We have seen comments from the traders that when sending a request by email, they had to wait for response for several days on some occasions. Also, calling the broker on local number is not always successful.

And of course, always learn how to use leverage correctly, as leverage may increase your potential loses as well and is a different feature in various instruments. Leverage levels always depending on the instrument you trade, as well defined by the regulatory restrictions and your personal level of proficiency. LimeFx also expanded its global reach and established a UK-based entity LimeFx UK Ltd which is also respectively and fully regulated and focusing on B2B proposal.

LimeFx does not charge an inactivity fee, and there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Swap fees are charged for all other metals, minor pairs, exotic pairs, and UKOIL. Our research showed that spreads in forex, stocks, and commodities are competitive within the industry. However, the spreads in indices are relatively wide. When choosing a broker, trustworthiness is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Always check the broker’s regulations, know how financially secure the firm is, and find out whether the broker is transparent and reliable.

Trading fees on the index trading

The spread of LimeFx brokerage worldwide continues to grow. There is also a potential for trade prosperity of CFDs and futures in several markets. The company has been recognized as a social and best trading broker numerous times so far.

  • Lastly, the Professional ECN account features raw spread plus the commission per trade making it a good option for experienced traers.
  • EU citizens can use the services of the broker by using
  • In our research, LimeFx showed an average level of transparency in their regulatory status, with a listing of all their entities and their regulators on their Regulation page.
  • The analysis draws from technical data such as ‘The MACD is below its signal line and positive’.

The spread’s size depends on the market’s level of liquidity. Liquidity describes how much an instrument can be bought and sold quickly without moving the market. Traders typically experience tighter spreads when there is greater liquidity in the market.

The section also includes videos covering basic topics such as pips and points. We rated the educational content at LimeFx as better than average. The broker does not accept clients from the United States of America, American insular areas , Vatican City, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands, US Virgin Islands). The account opening process at LimeFx is fully digital and can be completed via the company website within a matter of minutes.

Ratings and reviews

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Pros and Cons Pros Variety of account types with flexible principles of work and charging of commissions, including with near-zero spreads. Pros and Cons Pros Cons Variety of account types with flexible principles of work and charging of commissions, including with near-zero spreads. Digital assets are represented with seven instruments – they are CFDs on pairs between fiat currencies and Bitcoin, and also dollar paired with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin. Although the commissions on this market are rather pleasing, the variety of instruments clearly needs to be expanded.

When you are investing in a company, check whether it is controlled by the government authority because it is a very important issue. If the companies are registered by the government then it can protect you from online trading scams. You must be very intelligent, then you should make sure that the trading broker companies are licensed.

Demo Accounts

That means the financial department does not check the transfer and the service is automated. LimeFx is the average supplier of many things, including forex, stocks, CFDs. The terms and offers here are very cheap for traders and it is manageable. There is no hidden fee in LimeFx broker and it is not possible to discover any trap here. LimeFx offer is made in a way that is a developed application for the Android browser. The portfolio can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the help of mobile trading.

These factors, calculated into our score, will help you understand if your money is safe. Beginners in trading can take advantage of excellent educational materials and specialized account types. If you want fast, reliable execution, LimeFx has free VPS hosting. The uninterrupted internet coverage will safeguard against issues that could interrupt your trading. At LimeFx, withdrawing your money is automated and instant.

Greetings João, Please send us a DM via Instagram and we will be happy to help in solving the issue. Greetings Favored, Please send us a DM via Instagram and we will be happy to help in solving the issue. Greetings Gouranga, Please send us a DM via Instagram and we will be happy to help in solving the issue. LimeFx has denied my withdrawal and said deposit card picture required. After sharing everything they are still saying their team is working on it. It has been months since my profit withdrawal is pending.

Funds can lead to a negative balance of payments during volatile trading times. There is negative balance protection with LimeFx. So you can be sure that your account will not go into a negative balance in any way. This happens when the market situation is extreme. But LimeFx automatically warns you and closes your positions.

LimeFx cheating

However, diversity of trading instruments outside the forex market, advanced software and educational programs are not the qualities you will find in abundance on LimeFx. Regulation in the Seychelles also leaves questions, although, taking into account the 12-year experience and quite stable reputation, it is not critical. The registration process on LimeFx platform is simple and takes no more than minutes. The biggest difficulty is not opening an account, but verifying personal data. The broker supports KYC/AML international standards, which obligate financial organizations to confirm customer identity, and, if necessary, sources of their income.

We’re happy you had an outstanding experience! Because of this hidden policy I have already lost 5 accounts same time, in middle of the night. You heard me right, they reduce leverage to any calculations, when it’s news time, roll over time, or weekends. But LimeFx has made its own Leverage changing policy without informing traders. LimeFx is the only broker so far I trust for trading. All others in market i have experinced are less better then LimeFx.

I was able to make a significant profit…

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LimeFx is a company with average level of reliability. Registration of the main platform in an offshore is compensated by licenses in Europe and extensive experience of operation. Having compared the offer on the market and LimeFx offer, we received the following limefx scam result for the standard lot of Apple shares. We also added American broker Interactive Brokers, one of the leaders on the stock market, to the table. In spring 2020, the broker announced the launch of trading of some instruments via CFD contracts.

I deposited with UPI, not getting withdrawal from error showing withdrawal with bankcard and not given by card. Not faithful company, customer care also unusefull, before understanding issue they start advising. Although the minimum amount to be paid here is only $1 to open a live account, customers below this will not be able to receive the service. If you are a trader, then LimeFx is a great and helpful trade for you. If the payment is made in an uncontrolled manner, it can be a fraud of the customer’s money with the help of brokers.

The broker does not offer ETF, PAMM accounts and other comprehensive products. After all, active trading is not suitable for everybody. The logic of all markets remains the same – the broker offers the lowest commissions for the professional account Zero. In mainland Europe and the UK, LimeFx focuses on B2B financial services exclusively offered to Professional institutions. LimeFx accepts retail clients from the majority of countries outside Europe.

Set up different charts and set up a set duration. LimeFx gets its market information from well-known suppliers. LimeFx is also able to provide reliable brokerage services. The trading process can be said to be an intuitive platform for investing.

This type of account is suitable mainly for beginners, whose initial deposit is lower than $200. The spreads on this account are the highest of all, which is why there is pretty much not much sense in using it in other cases. Pros and Cons Pros Wide choice of main and exotic currency pairs. Pros and Cons Pros Cons Wide choice of main and exotic currency pairs. In addition to currency pairs, contracts for differences for cryptocurrencies, precious metals, shares, indices, and also key crude oil.