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Everything you could need to create the perfect showering experience. Choose from our fantastic range of shower enclosures including our stunning and versatile ranges trays, shower cubicles, luxurious steam showers and accessories.

All of our shower products are sourced from quality manufacturers and have been handpicked for their good looks and durability.

We offer a wide range of shower cubicles for your claw foot tub and shower areas. Our chromed brass and chromed aluminum fitting will convince you with functionality and technique. All of our system shine remarkably with the combination of glass and aesthetics.

All Stainless-Steel Shower Cubicles – Now add the versatility and durability that only Stainless Steel offers along with its unmatched elegant and lustrous appearance to the bathroom, custom built to virtually any size or configuration. Midland Glazing is a leading supplier of customized shower cubicles.

Today, more than ever, kitchen and baths reflect our changing life styles from the family- focal area of the kitchen to the bathroom, which has evolved into one’s personal retreat. The concept of creating the right atmosphere by adding visual appeal is quite essential. With baths becoming more like private havens, the selection of new, unique and aesthetically pleasing cubicles is foremost in the consumers’ quest to create their own designer bath.


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mirror or looking-glass is something that reflects light. One common plane mirror is a piece of special flat glass that a person can look into to see a reflection of themselves or what is behind them. Sometimes, a flat piece of metal or the surface of water can act like a mirror.
Any polished metal can be a mirrorGlass is merely used as a substrate to hold and protect a thin metallic layer. A silver coated piece of glass makes a great mirror with a layer of silver only a few atoms think. … The presence of the glass however can cause a ghost image since the glass itself is somewhat reflective.

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PVC glass is a durable interior fabric consisting of a glass fiber weave with a PVC coating. It has many characteristics, one being that it is printable, making it excellent for branding, advertising or an artistic interior feature.
Due to PVC properties, as described above, around 50% of PVC manufactured is used in construction replacing other materials such as wood or glass.

PVC windows are the Number One in energy efficiency

The frame of a window plays a decisive role in promoting energy and cost-efficient thermal insulation. Window profiles made of PVC score top marks when compared with aluminium or wooden windows.
UPVC has many benefits which make it the perfect material to be used for window frames. It is known for providing the highest level of thermal comfort as well as being extremely durable and long lasting.





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A glass ceiling is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that keeps a given demographic from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy.The glass ceiling effect refers to invisible yet powerful barriers that prevent women from moving beyond a certain level in the work place. An example of this is the glass ceiling this is where women and often minorities are held down in the work place never advancing past a certain point.





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All glass used for skylights must be made of “safety glazing,” a generic term for both tempered and laminated glass. Tempered glass is the most impact resistant. Laminated glass is fabricated with a thin layer of plastic embedded near the center of the glass. Both keep the glass from breaking into large, sharp pieces.

Sky lighting types include roof windows, unit skylights, tubular day lighting devices (TDDs), sloped glazing, and custom skylightsUses include: day lighting elements used to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight, via top lighting.

skylight is a fixed window set into the roof line. It may incorporate venting options, but the window itself does not open.